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Røldal Village Museum

                                                                                                                         The main farm house

               The main farm house, smoke house and                                                     The main farm house 

                                                                                    Traditional woven ties from the textile collection

Røldal Village Museum is situated at the farm Hauge, along Bygdavegen, in the centre of the village. This is a traditional farm showing how people lived from 1850 to approximately 1950. The museum consists of four buildings: the farm house, the barn, the smokehouse and the cottage "Rabbastova", which was recently moved from a different farm in the village to the museum area. The museum displays typical architecture, interiors, utensils and tools and a particularly interesting textile collection containing some very special garments.
The museum is a farm originally donated as a museum to the local authorities by the former owner Tore N. Hauge in 1984. Everything looks exactly like it did when Tore lived here. In recent years an additional building, Rabbastova, has been moved to the museum area from the farm Rabba, as the name indicates. This is the oldest farm house in Røldal.
Opening hours:
Every day in july 10am - 5pm

Contact information

Telephone +47 53 64 73 71