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Burial Mounds

                                                                          The entrance to the area Photo: Oddbjørn Lynghammar

                                                                                       A burial mound Photo: Oddbjørn Lyngkammar

                                                                              The burial mound area Photo: Oddbjørn Lynghammar

                                                                                 From the exhibition Photo: Oddbjørn Lynghammar
At the farm Seim, one of the oldest farms in Røldal, there are an area of burial mounds from the iron age. Originally this are contained over 100 such mounds but most of them have disappeared over the years, partially because of farming. Today an area of 12 visible mounds are preserved. In an old barn on the farm there is an exhibition of the findings from the burial mounds including photomontage and models of the items.

Seim is situated beneath E 134 close to the lake.
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Seim Camping
Telephone +47 53 64 73 71
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Daily during the summer.