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Røldal Stave Church

                                                                                                                                        From east

The stave church is the most important tourist attraction in Røldal and is situated in the heart of the village. The church has a very special decoration and history making it attractive for tourists and other visitors. Currently a pilgrim centre, that will enhance future visitors' experience, is under development.

The church was built around year 1250. Originally this was a very simple church with only one room, but it has gradually been expanded and gotten its interior decoration. In the mid 1800s the church was rebuilt and both outside and inside walls got cladding. In addition the church was painted white. However, the church was restored during the early 1900s and got back much of its decoration from the middle ages.
Røldal stave church is perhaps most widely known as a pilgrim church and was the second most important pilgrim destination in Norway after Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim during the middle ages. The pilgrims flocked to the church to get healing from the miraculous crucifix. The legend has it that the crusifix sweats every midsummer night and that this sweat has a healing power. It was therefore held a midnight mass every midsummer night for pilgrims to receive this healing sweat and get well. Even though the pilgrim activity was forbidden with the reformation, pilgrims continued to flock to the church as late as 1850.

Today the church is the only stave church left that is still inn daily use as a parish church. The pilgrim activity has increased during the past decade and every year a pilgrim gathering is held the weekend closest to midsummer according to the middle ages calendar, july 7th.

The church serves the village as a parish church and you are welcome to visit as a tourist or to participate in the service.

                                                    From east                                                                      From east

                                                                                                                        Detail from the interior


                                                                                                                       Detail from the interior

Opening hours:
28.05.-31.05.2011  kl. 1000-1600
01.06.-30.06.2011  kl. 1000-1700
01.07.-31.07.2011  kl. 0930-1830
01.08.-21.08.2011  kl. 1000-1700
22.08.-04.09.2011  kl. 1000-1600
The rest of the year you can visit the church upon request.

Children, up to 15 year, free.
Adults, from 16 year  40,- Nok.
Group, from 10 pers. 25,- Nok.

Guided tours are available when arranged in advance.
Call + 47 53 64 71 16 for reservation.
Services are held every other sunday. More information here. 
Contact Information
Wedding in Røldal:
For information call the parish council on + 47 53 64 71 16

During the church's opening hours:

+47 48 10 92 84